Friday, October 1, 2010

At Home Across the Ocean

Mmmmm. I loved being settled in. It finally feels like this place is "home."

I went running on the beach this morning, avoiding all of the blue bottle jellyfish corpses that littered the shore. Then came back and chillaxed. I've painted my nails, ate a healthy breakfast and lunch... and even though its kind of a rainy day, it's been perfect. I think everyone is bummed because it's not extremely sunny and warm, but I think it's perfect.

The ocean looks different every time I see it. In the morning, it sparkles with the sun's light. When it's rainy, it has this dark and adventurous color to it. Oh, I just love it. I could never get bored of looking at the ocean.

Tonight we're going back to Surfer's Paradise... a bunch of us girls. (no boys. Sorry Pim-Pam). Then we're gonna come back for pizza (I may skip out on that), and Bridget Jones. It turns out that pretty much EVERYONE has not seen this movie. WHAAAAA??? I feel like it is my personal duty to educate them on the most perfect movie to ever grace the silver screen.

Good news: the sun is making a cameo appearance in the west windows right now. I love my life. Australia, Why must I leave you on Thursday? New Zealand: How can I love you, when my heart is with Australia...

Answer to that question, They may be filming "The Hobbit," while we're there. If so... and if I meet Hugo Weaving.... I could go home and feel complete. New goal: Be an extra in a film.

Peace and Love

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