Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homework and Rain Make For a Sad Australian Sunday

Well, I've been writing in my blog fairly frequently. I keep trying to think of ways to describe what my life is like in a way that everyone will understand it, but I know that it is fairly unlikely to do so.

This morning I was going to wake up, Jump out of bed and go for a run. Well, I woke up, slid out of bed like a sloth, and made coffee instead. It was pouring outside and the air was rather chilly. This was a bit discouraging because I really want to be healthy and I feel like I am failing tremendously. So, instead of doing anything remotely healthy for me, I decided to do homework. I got as far as my computer in that particular venture and found myself (not surprisingly) ambling onto facebook. Curse this addictive drug.

The problem with facebook is that one thing surely leads to another. OH, Johnny is engaged to Laura!? Is that a new profile pic? etc... blah blah blah. And it's even worse if I have the chat button on. I may as well accept the fact that when I look at my computer screen with the hopes of completing homework, I can certainly assume that It will take me at least two extra hours. (and if it's science... just tack on two more extra hours).

Oh, and don't forget the coffee. You may as well stick a syringe in my arm and pump me full of the warm brown liquid. I'm at the point where I'm drinking two to three cups daily. It makes me feel sad for the smokers in the olden days. They didn't know smoking was so bad for them until after they were completely addicted... what if that happens to me with coffee? What if someone comes out with this study and discovers that drinking coffee causes dementia and 77.6% of people who drink it will get the disease? I think I would just about pee my pants... then forget the whole message (because by then I'd have dementia).

Anyway, So Australia has been wonderful, but not nice enough to spend any considerable amount of time on the beach, which sort of breaks my heart. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about it if I lived in florida or something, But... I don't. I live in Indiana. after this trip, who knows when I'll see the ocean again.

Now. I just need motivation for doing homework.


Peace and Love

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  1. haha.... the dementia thing was funny :) this is Amanda by the way