Monday, January 24, 2011

Life is Swell

Well, I'm back at school and feeling better than ever.

Except, I stuffed my face full of hummus and frosted mini wheats tonight. Mmmm nothing like mindless eating and gossip girl on the laptop.

Anyway, I thought I'd send out an update on my ever changing wonderful life. I dropped statistics... I'll probably take it in the summer. One of my life long friends randomly deleted me off of her facebook account and refuses to talk to me, but its not really weighing on me too much. I'm sure she's just working out some personal issues.

I got hit by Dean Shearin (sp) while riding in the car with Alex Shelton... Good times. It wasn't either of their faults though so we all hung out and chatted afterwards while Doc Shearin took a picture of Dean Shearin, Alex, and I in front of the kroger on Race Street.

Later that night I went roller skating with friends at the most sketchy roller rink I've ever been to.

Church was off the hook today. I loved Westside church of christ. They offered coffee and donuts to the college students in class.

College is where it's at.


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