Monday, March 1, 2010

The Longboard Fantasies

I am not completely bereft of charm. This bolt of self confidence comes from meeting a friendly person of the male persuasion in the sears lobby. He was carrying a longboard and wearing a Thunder Cats Tshirt. (I used to hate the Thunder Cats... mostly because the show came on before Sailor Moon).

Anyway he was nice and seemed like he thought I was attractive. It was nice to get a little bit of attention... BUT what I'm really interested in is the longboard.

At Harding, it seems like everyone is starting to pick up on this trend. I can't say I wouldn't want to join in. Longboards are basically... in my opinion (A mon avis...) longer skateboards.

Now whenever I see the coolios on campus gliding around on their longboards (like that one guy with the afro who everyone thinks looks like Corbin Bleu) I feel like I missed out on a little piece of adolescence. I automatically imagine myself on a board... a certified, funktified hipster with a bohemian swing on a mission to bring peace and smooth jazz to the masses. I look to my right and see the faces of the people passing... "Woah, she's so cool and mysterious... I'm going to write a hit song about her... She's my muse... If only I were a amazing as she..." etc.

I'm not going to lie. I actually have a very good sense of equilibrium and could probably pick up the gangsta sport as fast as anyone else. But... Then reality hits me, I don't have time or money for such things. If I were given a longboard... rock on, I'd use it. But getting one in my possession is not really high up on my priority list.

What is? MAKING IT THROUGH THIS MISERABLE WEEK!!!! AAHAHAHAHAAAA! Seriously... what am I doing on here. I don't have time for this mess.

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