Monday, February 22, 2010

Life Update

My fingertips are sticky with Elmer's spray glue. This is a good thing... it means my matting is done (for now). My dreadful weekend has finally come to a close.

Dreadful (you might ask)? Yes, one of my most physically and mentally draining weekends to date. Why (you might also ask? Its a culmination of things really. The worst of which include but aren't limited to:
1. having my one functioning windshield wiper stop working in the middle of the highway.
2. Pulling over to the side of the road with my "hazard" lights on and watching as NO ONE came to help.
3. losing my school I.D. and being really embarrassed when the Java City lady says that I have the "Old Issue" one.
4. skipping chapel again... and feeling really guilty about it.
5. only having ten minutes to get ready for class.
6. having my butt slapped, by a boy. (wait... is this a bad thing?)
7. over-eating
8. having to give up hours of work.
9. no coffee ALL-DAY
10. missing home... and my family so much..

.. oh and I got "de-friended" by a friend of mine on facebook.

However, it feels like things are finally starting to relax. I'm realizing Gods presence in my everyday life little by little each day. In just the simple things. Like, how I failed to study for Ms. Schoen's test and still managed to feel like "There's no WAY I'm not getting an A on this."

Everyone has been ├╝ber supportive. Gil Gildner helped me with matting. Shelby Chambliss let me cry in her room, and Nicole Thoman has just been around for me. Its those little things that they do that really have helped me. I am able to see God working through them and other people to cheer me up.

I knew from the "get go" that things would be hard this semester. I'm taking 18 hours, I'm an R.A, I'm a spring sing director... the list goes on and on, but it certainly rocks to have friends that will go out of their way to help me. Especially when I'm being a complete jerk.

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