Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sisterhood Separation Anxiety and Balliver

Bonne Matin, everyone!

This week has been going by entirely too quickly. I can't believe it's already Thursday. This actually makes me slightly sad, or not quite sad, but just a little blue. My little sister is going back to school tomorrow morning. 

It seems to me like school crept up on everyone! Maybe it's because I'm not going back, or because part of my summer was spent shivering in New Zealand. It just seems like it's been a shorter summer. Either way, Harding University is taking my sweet sister away from me tomorrow morning. 

I can't really say that I'm happy about it. Of course, I'm excited for her. This is her junior year, and she gets to spend her spring semester in South America! However, I haven't spent any real time away from her in 3...4 years? I haven't actually taken time to prepare myself for not seeing her everyday. Of course, she went through this for 3 years before she joined me at school, so I guess it's fair. What goes around comes around.

However, I'm planning on spending labor day with her in Hot Springs, Arkansas. So, I don't have to wait all that long to see her! I can't explain it, but Andrea and I are sisters and best friends. I trust her entirely. 

In an effort not to dwell on these sad thoughts I'll update you on my life. 

I'm still searching for a full-time job. This is intimidating, but actually kind of fun. I love feeling like the world is full of opportunities. I do feel discouraged from time to time, but that's only when I'm not actively searching. Of course, Yahoo News doesn't help. If I have to read one more article about how Millenials are doomed, liberal arts majors are doomed, or how everyone should either be a nurse or engineer, I am going to roll my eyes so powerfully, it will change the earth's orbit. Then we'll all be doomed. 

In other news...

Monday was our official family day of the summer. I asked off for work, and we all went canoeing. This is something we, as a family, tried to do several years ago. So, we were excited that we were finally had the opportunity to hit water. 

Andrea and I were canoeing partners, while mom and Dad were together. I'd have to say the highlight of the trip was watching my parent's canoe capsize while they were going through some rapids. Mom blames Dad, of course, but I don't care who was at fault. Just thinking about it makes me laugh all over again! I can't stop picturing their faces as the splashed tumultuously into the water. 

We were all good sports, and worked to empty out the canoe. Unfortunately, Dad hurt his back in the process, but the cookies didn't get wet...so no one was really upset with the incident. 

Also! We made a friend. A cute little dog appeared out of the forest, and followed us around. I named him Balliver (don't ask me why). He followed us for a very long time (he even swam around our canoes). Then he decided to leave us when we passed a creepy guy on one of the beaches. I didn't really like this guy very much, because he held up a sign that read, "BEER FOR BOOBS." I guess, Balliver liked the boob guy, because he stayed with him. 

Anyway, It was a good day with great weather. The event didn't help eradicate my chaco tan lines, but I did get to see a very good looking guy, ride a big tractor (as a city girl, I never thought I'd be attracted to that). 

So now, I'm back to the grindstone. Work as been pretty chill lately; most people are done with their family vacations, so we are busiest on the weekends, and fairly slow on the weekdays. I'm working in the afternoon today, but the DeCamp girls are going to lunch at our favorite restaurant, Santorini's! It's supposed to be a special last meal with Andrea before she leaves us. 

And now, we're back to me moping about the whole Andrea leaving situation. So, I'll leave you there. Hopefully, I'll have more exciting things to tell you about next time!


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