Monday, June 27, 2011

Segway Spat.

My sister is home from Greece. I am excited to have her back.

Right now, its been raining quite a bit. This means I probably won't work today, but it also means that my awesome pups are scared so, they get all cuddly.

I've been working quite a bit on getting some academic stuff done... which means I haven't been working out that much. ehhh... I know I should be jogging or something, but I just haven't been. I have, however, been painting and I started reading Vasari's Lives of the Artists. I am actually enjoying it quite a bit.

Oh, funny anecdote of the day. Yesterday I went several blocks downtown to get Starbucks for the Segway shack. I like segwaying downtown, because everyone thinks I'm the strangest thing they've ever seen. Anyway, I went and got a couple of Fraps and a latte, then rushed back so that I could help train some customers to go out on the tour.

On my way back, I weaved out of the way of this tubby kid who was just kind of wandering about. Now, I have been riding a segway for 4 years now. I know how to operate it. However, the mom of "said kid", started trying to tell me that I cut around him "too close." I wasn't in a good mood so I just looked at her and told her frankly, "Actually, it wasn't." (honestly, I was as far away as I could have been). Then she said "Yes it was too close." And I replied. "No... it wasn't" and then I turned around and went in to the Segway Shack with the coffee.

Some parents are too touchy! The segway sounds faster than it is. The top speed is 12.5 MPH so most of the bikes that weave around are going double that! Plus, the kid was pretty chubby, he takes up some space. I KNEW that I could avoid him, and so I did. Don't get angry at me for avoiding hitting your son, get mad if I actually hit him. Sheesh. Overprotective parents are a pet peeve.

Of course, maybe I was a bit rude. ehhh.... I'm not going to think about that.


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  1. i like this. people deserve to know when they are being complete idiots.