Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Infinite List of Things To Do.

Wow, its been an interesting couple of days.

I've been working on painting a portrait and a different painting of a fishy nature. All will be revealed in time. I have been working my bum off trying to get stuff done this summer. I am hoping to complete three paintings before school starts. I would like to have pretty much ALL of my comics drawn and colored for the Bison Newspaper before the semester starts, AND I am currently reading TWO books right now.

1. The Lives of the Artists By Giorgio Vasari. He's basically the father of Art History. I am reading this book to get me prepared for my Renaissance Art History class with Dr. Choate this fall. It actually has a lot of interesting anecdotes.

2. Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte. Now, I read Jane Eyre last winter and LOVED it... right now I am about ten chapters into the book, and I'm struggling to get "hooked." I can already tell that I like Jane Eyre better, but everyone says that Wuthering Heights is "SOOOo Good!" but... I don't know. I feel like it's missing something. I suppose I can't write it off yet though. Maybe I'll be surprised.

3. I am also planning on reading a few other books before school: Brunelleschi's Dome and Twelve Caesars. We'll see how much I get done.

I've decided that this summer I am a hermit and I really don't mind. I'm getting stuff done and I am enjoying it. I'm not hanging out with a lot of people, but I am being very productive. Its a fair trade off, because I honestly don't feel like I am missing out.



  1. Dude. You blog too. I didn't even know this until I was googling for my own blog and found this one.

  2. Well, yeah. But I just got a tumblr so I mainly blog on there now.