Friday, April 22, 2011

Its Easter Weekend

It is spring sing weekend and I haven't written in ages. Apologies, blah blah blah.

What has gone on since the last post?

1. Well, I got queened for BOX!!! BETA OMEAGA CHI that is. They're the best, most cool, legit club on campus and I am so excited to be a member.

2. I've been painting a lot. Right now I am working on my "Copy of a Master" painting. I am choosing to copy "Girl Seated in a Cemetary 1824" by Eugene Delacroix.

.... that's really about it. I've been pretty consumed with trying to get good grades. SO, my life has been pretty hectic with focusing on grades. We'll see if it pays off or not.

Right now, I am just living for the summer. I know that once summer comes, I will be missing all of my friends, but I've had kind of a rough few days and I really need to be at home with my family. It will be nice when that day comes.

Unlike many of my friends, however, I am staying at school for two extra weeks for "harding intersession" Basically I am signed up to take an art history course. this summer

Thats it for now, just know that I still exist.

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  1. Hi Angela :)
    How's your Delacroix's copy going? Have you finished it? I'm planning to reproduce this piece too. Think we can share same interest in this particular work. :)