Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Coffee Dilemma

To drink coffee or not? I have three hours or so until I attempt sleeping and I don't know if coffee would be the best choice. I'm also kind of in this strange mood where I have a ton of things I could do... but don't want to be doing anything. I've spent my entire Sunday afternoon watching season two of gossip girl, and I don't want to go to classes tomorrow.

What else? I feel like I'm just waiting for my life to happen. I'm sitting around in my cinderblock dorm room waiting. Here's a list of what I should be doing.

1. anything besides what I'm doing right now.
2. exercise
3. reading for classes
4. coffee?
5. anything but what I'm currently doing.

I can't believe I am actually blogging. I am such a loser.

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