Thursday, December 31, 2009


Its about this time of year that I make my annual New Years Resolutions (no surprise there). I also want to address my resolutions from last year. I wrote them all down in my journal.

Last Year's Resolutions
1. Loose at least 20lbs (maybe more): ACCOMPLISHED I lost 20-25lbs this year.



2. Be Cleaner: ACCOMPLISHED I am a much cleanlier person thanks to my grandmother and Nicole Thoman
3. Get serious about God: IN PROCESS, I am much closer to him than I was last year.
4. Get All A's and B's spring semester 2009: ACCOMPLISHED
5. Meet someone who will change my life: ACCOMPLISHED, everyone I meet changes my life.
6. Change someone else's life: I HAVE NO IDEA, maybe I did.
7. Save at least 1,500 bucks for a rafting trip: NOPE, my priorities changed. Now I'm saving up for Australia.
8. Do something amazing with my art: EHH, NO. I just keep chuggin' along though.
9. Sing more and get good at it: ACCOMPLISHED, I do sing more... and I feel like I'm better at it.
10. Stop being selfish, be more of a servant: I DON'T KNOW, I doubt I will ever stop thinking about myself, but I hope I've been more helpful
11. Make a little time for fun: ACCOMPLISHED.
12. Bring someone to Christ: UNSURE
13. Give back to the community in someway: SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED, I've visited some nursing homes, but I could have done better.

I'd say for the most part I did okay on my resolutions. Everyone complains every year about how they never live up to what they wanted for themselves on the new year. Well, why not? What is stopping you from achieving what you want? What is preventing you from doing what you KNOW to be the right thing. Remove that from your life and get it done. I was surprised how much I actually accomplished after I wrote it down and re-examined it a year later, I bet you'd be surprised too.

1. Loose 20 more lbs. I'm headed in the right direction, lets see if I can get to a healthy weight and stay there.
2. Love myself even if I fail at all of my resolutions.
3. Love God.
4. Keep improving my organizational skills.
5. Really try to give back to the community in some way.
6. Improve relationships within my family.
7. Don't be wasteful. Find ways to reuse.
8. Don't be such a downer, find ways to be an encouragement to others.
9. Don't feel like you need a man to make me happy, realize the amazing woman inside of me.
10. Write my novel.
11. Don't take life too seriously, know that someday we all die and get excited for what lies ahead.
12. Don't be so frivolous with money, be more frugal.

I guess we'll see where this leads me.

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